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Hive query fails in HUE for a user

New Contributor

when a particular user runs a Hive query in Hue, it fails with an error "time out". But the same query works fine in Hive and Hive2 Server(beeline).
Also, other users are able to execute the same query in Hue successfully. The issue is with only this user. Please help!!


How many columns does have the query? More than 1000?

New Contributor

I encountered with the same issue..number of columns are just few 5-6 and number of records would be 1000, though I am able to run other hive statements but it hungs and shows timeout error only with hive select statement

New Contributor
Finally able to fix it. It was webserver issues.. user profile was cashed on webserver.. normally cache gets refreshed when server restarts .. worst case.. recreate the whole user profile again . In this case I recreated the user profile to drain the cache