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Hive query output to text with header and column name having space

Hive query output to text with header and column name having space

New Contributor

I have a hive able product with rating

Id  productid rating    ProdBarCode

42    96         5           881107178
168  151       5           884288058
110  307       4           886987260
58   144        4           884304936
90    648       4           891384754
271  346       4           885844430
62    21         3           879373460

279  832       3           881375854
237  514       4           879376641


I want to write a query find average product rating of product to pipe separated text file with header using  hive -e"query" > output.txt 

OUTPUT Format:-|Productid|average rating|


hive -e " select C.value from (select 1 key, '|Productid|average rating|' value union all select 2 key , concat('|',concat_ws('|', Productid, averagerating),'|') value from (select CAST(A.productid AS STRING) AS Productid, CAST(A.averagerating AS STRING) AS averagerating from (select productid, avg(rating) averagerating from product group by productid sort by productid ) AS A where A.averagerating > 2) B sort by key) C " > output.txt


Is this query correct? Is there any other simple way to redirect the output in text file with header and column name with space(average rating)

Any suggestions?



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