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Hive quries debugging and troubleshooting

Hive quries debugging and troubleshooting

New Contributor

I wanted to understand how to approach to the solution of hive query failures;

  • in our environment, we get numerous failure for "Vertex issue" / "Out of memory" etc ? is it common?
  • how to check Hive Server2 logs/ yarn-logs and resource manager logs ( what to look for ? ) how to know if there is SKEW or another issue - Are there article covering these topics
  • What hive setting/parameters means what and how it affects --> where to look for this details?

what tools are good or being used to analyze issues in hive queries or map/reduce level?


Re: Hive quries debugging and troubleshooting

@Abhijeet Rajput

1. Vertex Issue / Out of Memory issue indicate the configurations are not tuned.

2. In HS2 logs, look for exceptions and the stack trace that follows to give you a better picture.

3. You can use Tez View to debug Hive Performance Issues:

4. You can refer to following links to understand various config parameters and its values: