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Hive server2 running but not being used



I've got 8 nodes in the cluster running yarn and 4 of them have been allocated to hive. In the yarn UI scheduler view I can see that 50% of the cluster has been allocated to and 49% is being used by hive (I found I needed to scale it back a smidge to ensure it launhed.

Load averages on the boxes that LLAP is running in do no go over 0.3 which seems odd to me. When ever a hive job runs it spins up large Tez containers in the default queue. When I look at the LLAP over view `namenode:10502/llap.html` and dig into each node it shows 9 executors present but used never goes over 0.

All this makes me think while it's there, nothing is using it, but I don't know why. Has anyone got any ideas or is there a check sheet I can go through to get this running right.

Many thanks