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Hive shell crashes after running queries

Hive shell crashes after running queries

New Contributor

I'm putting this out there mostly to get it indexed, I don't currently have a problem to fix.

Setting up a new HDP cluster, I ran into a problem where hive shell crashes after running a query.

hive> select * from my_table limit 2;
[2 rows of valid output]
hive> Exception in thread "main" Bad file descriptor
[Java stack trace]
[me@n01 import]$ _

Looking in /tmp/me/hive.log, I found this message among the wreckage:

2017-11-16 17:18:40,278 WARN  [main]: hdfs.BlockReaderFactory ( - BlockReaderFactory(fileName=/apps/hive/warehouse/some.db/my_table/000000_0, block=BP-1039108363- I/O error requesting file descriptors.  Disabling domain socket DomainSocket(fd=512,path=/var/lib/hadoop-hdfs/dn_socket) size of shared memory segment was 0, but that is not enough to hold even one slot.

This led me to dig around and find a possibly relevant Jira about HDFS short-circuit reads.

Relevant or not, it did give me the idea to hunt down and disable the option HDFS Short-circuit read in Ambari's HDFS config. Hive shell no longer crashes after this change.

I have no idea if this is a 'correct' fix or not, but I thought I'd put it out there for the next person who has similar problems. If someone has a better idea of what could be wrong or what should be fixed, I'm all ears.

HDP- on CentOS 7, using MySQL 5.7 for any task requiring a relational store.