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Hive table loading null values only for data and time format

Hive table loading null values only for data and time format

New Contributor

create table if not exists 3gtable (Notification_ID INT,
Alarm_Number INT,
Alarm_Type STRING,
Severity string,
Alarm_Time date,
Probable_Cause string,
Alarm_Text string,
Distinguished_Name string,
Object_Class string,
Acknowledgement_State string,
Acknowledgement_Time_UnAcknowledgement_Time int,
Acknowledgement_User string,
Name string,
Supplementary_Information string,
Consecutive_Number BIGINT,
Alarm_Insertion_Time int,
Alarm_Update_Time int,
Origin_Alarm_Time int,
Origin_Alarm_Update_Time int,
Origin_Acknowledgement_UnAcknowledgement_Time int)
row format delimited
fields terminated by ','
stored as textfile;


load data local Inpath '/home/hduser/Desktop/xxx/3gdata.csv' overwrite into table 3gtable;



17368641 7786 Quality Of Service Major NULL Indeterminate WCDMA BASE STATION OUT OF USE PLMN-PLMN/RNC-605/WBTS-706 WBTS TRUE NULL gebinv ZZYAP7351_S2100_P 118757853 NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL

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