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Hive tables group by operation help with spark


Hive tables group by operation help with spark

New Contributor
I am very new to the bigdata world. I have around 16 tables that needs to be grouped and a report needs to be sent to another system.
The below is an example.Require guidence/help for this task

empno first-name last-name
0        fname     lname
1        fname1    lname1

empno dept-no dept-code
01        a
01        b
11        a
12        a

empno history-no address
01            xyz
02            abc
111231245613            a12

I have to generate a file combining all the tables for each employee, and the average emp-count is 200k

Desired output:

seg-start emp-0
seg-emp 0-fname-lname
seg-dept 0-1-a
seg-dept 0-1-b
seg-his 0-1-xyz
seg-his 0-2-abc
seg-end emp-0
seg-start emp-1...... 

seg-end emp-1

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