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Hive updates are not getting reflected in Atlas

New Contributor

I'm using HDP 3.1 kerberized cluster. I have Kafka, atlas, ranger installed through ambari. When I'm creating any table or adding any record in existing table no change is getting reflected in atlas.
When i run, it refresh the metadata in Atlas but after that if i make any change it doesn't get reflected in atlas.
I checked ATLAS_HOOK kafka topic content which is empty. Looks like hive changes are not notifying ATLAS_HOOK kafka topic.
Is there any property that i need to set? 





There is a property Enable Atlas Hook in Hive Advanced hive-env section.Just check whether this property is enabled or disabled.

By default it is disabled, enable this property and monitor changes in Atlas.

Let me know whether it helps or not.



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Hi @Prakashcit ,
Atlas Hook property is already enabled. Is there any other property that i need to check?

New Contributor

Is there any other property that i shall check?


@mpankaj Check the value of atlas.hook.hive.synchronous property in Hive configs.In case if it's set to false then change it to true.