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Hive upgrade from 0.10 to 0.11


I have  Hive 0.10 by default came along with CDH 4.6,  now i want to upgrade hive to 0.11,

1. what are the steps to do that?
2. What will happen to my existing tables in hive?




Re: Hive upgrade from 0.10 to 0.11


I see a straight forward approcah to do this in Hortonworks, but not in CDH, i have been recommended to upgrade CDH 4 to 5 inorder to have hive upgraded to latest version, arent there any option to manually upgrade hive alone to 0.11 on CDH 4.6 ?

Re: Hive upgrade from 0.10 to 0.11

CM doesn't generally support custom binary scenarios like this. We go through a lot of effort to make sure that each CDH release is well-tested, and if you go swapping out the Hive binaries for another version then you risk introducing untested scenarios and errors. The benefit of upgrading to CDH 5 instead of just upgrading Hive is that you are guaranteed that everything has been tested, bugs have been fixed, and things will actually work.


If you really want to do this, you would need to just change your Hive binaries to be whatever you wanted. If you are using package installations, then this is somewhat straightforward (though of course not as simple as using a CDH distribution). If you are using parcels, then you'll have to make a custom parcel that has your custom binaries. You could also manually modify your hive binaries on each machine, but that's not recommended since it's a pain to keep track of all your custom changes that way.


To upgrade the metastore, follow the instructions included with in the hive binaries. Look in the scripts directory and find the appropriate readmes. This is probably also discussed in standard apache documentation for Hive.


If you are upgrading to CDH 5 (which requires using CM 5), then CM will automatically upgrade the Hive metastore for you.