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Hive upgrade in Cloudera quickstart VM

New Contributor

can I upgrade Hive 0.11 to 0.14 in Cloudera Quickstart VM - default version is 0.11

Using Spring batch, I am trying to read an XML file and Insert into Hive - i get error message saying "Prepared statement  - method not supported" for Insert into sql.

I doubt if it has to do with version 0.11 and need to try it out with latest version 0.14.




Master Collaborator
If you're using the latest Cloudera QuickStart VM, the Hive version is
actually based on 1.1. Cloudera tests the entire stack of software
together, so upgrading one component may not work well (and is not
supported) if you other components are also upgraded carefully to
equivalent versions. When Cloudera distributes a version of Hive, it is
based on an upstream release through the Apache Software Foundation, but we
may also backport patches, fixes, and other features, so even if the
version number looks older than what you need, the features you're looking
for may already be included. A good way to find out would be to ask on the
Hive forum for specific, or consult the source code on Github, the release
notes and other documentation.