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Hiveserver2 interactive query not starting

Hiveserver2 interactive query not starting

New Contributor

Getting the following error when i enable hiveinteractive query from the Ambari UI.


Connection failed on host <hostname> (Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/3.0/services/HIVE/package/alerts/", line 210, in execute
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/libraries/functions/", line 84, in check_thrift_port_sasl
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 166, in __init__
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 160, in run
self.run_action(resource, action)
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 124, in run_action
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/providers/", line 263, in action_run
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 72, in inner
result = function(command, **kwargs)
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 102, in checked_call
tries=tries, try_sleep=try_sleep, timeout_kill_strategy=timeout_kill_strategy, returns=returns)
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 150, in _call_wrapper
result = _call(command, **kwargs_copy)
File "/usr/lib/ambari-agent/lib/resource_management/core/", line 314, in _call
raise ExecutionFailed(err_msg, code, out, err)
ExecutionFailed: Execution of 'beeline -n hive -u 'jdbc:hive2:/<hostname>:10501/;transportMode=http;httpPath=cliservice' -e ';' 2>&1 | awk '{print}' | grep -i -e 'Connected to:' -e 'Transaction isolation:'' returned 1.


Can someone help me with the root cause of the issue

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