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Hiveserver2 process: One server process for all clients ?

Hello Apache Hive experts,


I am looking at Prasad's blog article on HiveServer2


In the blog, it is written "As you probably know, relational databases almost universally have a server process to support clients connecting over IPC or network connections. For each client connection, it creates a new execution context that serves Hive SQL requests from the client."


But I don't see two processes for Hiveserver2. I am now in CDH 5.3 Quick start VM and started hive command line and ran the same SELECT query from these two places. But i just see one HiveServer2 process on linux. In Oracle database it is different, for each sqlplus, i would see a corresponind "oracleDBNAME" server process (dedicated configuration)


Can you kindly clarify this ?







Any easy answer for this question ?



Not exactly sure where in the blog it mentions there has to be two processes.

But the way it works is there is hiveserver2 process that is the server.

When you start beeline (the HS2 client), that is another process.