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Hortonworks Certified Associate (HCA) Exam

Dear Sir,

I already sit for HCA Exam . but I failed (got 65%). There is no email from is it pass or fail from exam authority or hortonworks

Can I sit for the HCA exam again in next week ?


Hello, Tarik, the exam was graded a couple of days after you sat for the exam. The result was sent via email. Please check your Spam folder. You can re-take the exam any time. Thanks



Is there any online practice exam available for HCA certification ?

Thanking You


There is no practice exam for the HCA but we recommend taking our Essentials course

and of course, fully reviewing the Exam Objectives:


The Essentials course is also offered in a self-paced "online" format for free; info at


Thanks William and Lester for your response.

I have one more question in this regard.

In the Exam Objective pdf several web-pages are give as reference to each category.

Further those web-pages contain many links such as Tutorials, Recent Progress and Hortonworks Focus.

Do I have to go through each of them to prepare for HCA exam or will the overview suffice ?

Thanking You


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