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Hortonworks Hadoop 2.2.6 software to download

New Contributor

Hi Team,

I need a software Hortonworks Hadoop 2.2.6 to download and also installation steps to install on windows platform on single node cluster.Can I know where it is available.


New Contributor

@ Eyad Garelnabi

Thank you so much for providing information.

Could you please assist me to get hdp-2.2.6 setup file.


Sandhya A

There's no install/setup file. Just follow the instructions for the Ambari Based Install:


Our site doesn't make finding this easy. I did find the HDP 2.2.6 for Windows doc page at:

You may have troubles with this, as it's an aged HDP version, it only should go on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012, and many of the dependent packages probably have migrated to versions that may not be compatible anymore.

Any reason why you want HDP 2.2.6? Perhaps getting the sandbox (a dockerized container) from a more recent version will be a better experience with more recent bits.

@Eyad Garelnabi , there is no Ambari for Microsoft Windows to do an Ambari based install.

New Contributor


Yes , there is specific reason for requesting HDP-2.2.6 version as I am trying to integrate with SAP BODS 4.1 and this supports only HDP-2.2.6 version .

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