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Hortonworks Sandbox 2.6.5 .vdi file growing beyond available host space during use

New Contributor

Hi All - 


I'm really stuck for a solution to this problem.  I downloaded the Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6.5 sandbox to use in a big data class, and when I imported the vm to virtualbox, the .vdi file was about 17gb.  That was basically as expected.  After successfully uploading one dataset via hive (~2mb), in the process of uploading a second one (~300kb), virtual box threw an error that the host was out of storage.  I checked and saw that the HDP .vdi file had ballooned to around 65gb.  That absolutely blew up all my available space on the local host (thanks Apple, for the 256gb solid state drive..) I had to shutdown the machine and delete the .vdi file and re-import to virtualbox to clear that space. I don't know what to do next.. any help is appreciated. 


This is all on OSX 12.1 (Monterey) and Virtualbox 6.1.32

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