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Hortonworks Spark Atlas Connector not Capturing DDL Operations

New Contributor


I've setup a basic version of atlas and it works perfectly with hive and all the DDL operations and Lineage is being captured by atlas

changes made in hive-site.xml


But when I try to create a table using spark-sql or spark-shell the DDL commands and lineage are not captured by atlas.

please help me with what I am doing wrong.


I launch spark-sql using the below command

spark-sql --jars /home/hadoop/harsha/spark-atlas-connector/spark-atlas-connector-assembly/target/spark-atlas-connector-assembly-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar --conf spark.extraListeners=com.hortonworks.spark.atlas.SparkAtlasEventTracker --conf spark.sql.queryExecutionListeners=com.hortonworks.spark.atlas.SparkAtlasEventTracker --conf spark.sql.streaming.streamingQueryListeners=com.hortonworks.spark.atlas.SparkAtlasStreamingQueryEventTracker


New Contributor

Did you find a solution for this Harsha?