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Hortonworks forum posts lose code-block formatting when updating posts

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When creating questions or other posts on the Hortonworks community forums, running into the problem where after creating a post that contains code-formatted blocks, if I ever want to go back to update the question (eg. adding more information after debugging), find that the code blocks all have lost their original formatting (in particular it seems to be that all of the newline characters are gone). The two blocks below were both originally created to look like

is some  

but in this block below, I have clicked the edit option for the post after initially creating it and only reformatted the top block. This lower one was left as it was when the post loaded after I clicked "edit":

this is some  command

This makes updating questions very cumbersome and can go unnoticed, making some question harder to even understand, let alone answer. Am I doing something wrong when trying to edit questions? Is this a browser bug and no one else ever sees this (I'm using chrome)?

(Funnily, I could not submit this for the longest time because the Hortonworks site appeared to be deleting the title each time and then telling me the post was incomplete)


Thanks for letting us know. We're looking into this now.

Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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