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Hortonworks ports

New Contributor

I have Ambari cluster up and running, and I'm trying to get a list of ports that need to be opened to the cluster. I'm running: hdfs, zookeeper, metrics, kafka, smartsense. Which ports supposed to be opened between the master and the agents? Between the agents? From my laptop to the cluster to see metrics, etc?


New Contributor

I'm using HDP- Is that doc still valid for it?

It's a pretty long list of ports... What would be the recommended way of doing it? I can open all ports between ambari server and agents, but it would be nice to restrict some ports from my laptop to the cluster. What would you open except 8080?


@Igor Grinkin

Trying to do granular port security will be very demanding for inter-cluster communication your nodes need those ports open. Using SSL and Kerberos is a better strategy if your cluster is in AWS use the security group settings for limiting the access to only your laptop IP. Filtering individual ports with the security group will create an unmaintainable list.