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Hortonworks public ami password


Hortonworks public ami password

New Contributor

I started a AWS instance using the public hortonworks ami (ami-02ae336a). I am able to SSH to the instance using the ec2-user but I can't SU to root to navigate to the tutorial directory. Also when I bring up ambari, the sandbox id/password combinations don't work. Any suggestions?


Re: Hortonworks public ami password

Expert Contributor

The process is normally:

- SSH onto node as ec2-user, as you have

- "sudo su -" to get into root. Using the same password you ssh-ed into ec2-user.

- Once in root - "ambari-admin-password-reset" to reset the Ambari admin user.

I've not built a cluster on this exact AMI. The only other suggestion would be to try the root/hadoop combo as per the sandbox.

Re: Hortonworks public ami password

That AMI is not owned or maintained by Hortonworks. Also it appears this AMI was created in 2014 so is very dated:;search=a...

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