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Host Inspector fails to run on all hosts

New Contributor

The Host inspector  picks up the first IP in /etc/hosts and validates it againsts the other IPs in the /etc/hosts ending in failure



========   localhost

::1         localhost hadoop2bg

2001:4802:7800:0001:839e:a3e4:ff20:07b0 hadoop2bg     hadoop2bg

#----------added by SRB rc.local    masterbg    backupbg   hadoop1bg   hadoop2bg   hadoop3bg





  "thisHost" : {

    "hostname" : "hadoop2bg",

    "id" : 2,

    "ipAddress" : ""





"etcHostsMessages" : [ {

    "args" : [ "hadoop2bg", "2001:4802:7800:0001:839e:a3e4:ff20:07b0", "" ],

    "messageId" : "message.inspector.etcHosts.hostnameMatchesWrongIp"

  }, {

    "args" : [ "hadoop2bg", "", "" ],

    "messageId" : "message.inspector.etcHosts.hostnameMatchesWrongIp"

  }, {

    "args" : [ "hadoop2bg", "", "" ],

    "messageId" : "message.inspector.etcHosts.hostnameMatchesWrongIp"

  } ],



Master Collaborator

This is not a Cloudera Manager/Host Inspector thing, that is the expected behavior of name service lookups.  The first entry in the /etc/hosts file that matches the host name will be returned.  The others will not be found.  


I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish by giving the same hostname different addresses, but usually this is handled by giving each unique interface of that host a different host name.  In other words, you could have entries for hadoop2bg, hadoop2bg-ipv6, and hadoop2bg-int (for your internal 10.176 address).


Also note that Hadoop does not currently support IPv6, so you'll not want your hadoop services binding to an IPv6 address/interface.