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Hosts not added to Ambari

All nodes in the cluster are configured for DNS and Reverse DNS but still hosts are not added to the Ambari.

I have changed ambari-agent.ini file to point to ambari-server on all agents

iptables/ firewalld are stopped/disabled on all nodes

SELinux is disabled on all nodes

But I did not modify host entires in /etc/hosts file as DNS is configured. Previously when DNS was not configured we did modify host entires in /etc/hosts file and Ambari added hosts as expected.

What other checks or steps that I need to perform in order to ensure hosts are been added?


Super Mentor

@Girish Mane

When you say host not getting added to ambari? Does it mean you are getting any error while doing that?

Can you please share that error?

Do you see any error in ambari-server.log or ambari-agent.log?

Sure I get host not found error. I will also share exact logs too.

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