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How Does KMS works ?


How Does KMS works ?

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- Active Directory with LDAPs

- HDP 2.5 (HDFS, Ranger, KMS, Enabled Kerberos )

I've created user called "test" on AD and it's showing in Ranger Users list then created policy in Ranger to test user to allow /user/, then in KMS created key called test.


1. Do I need to add Linux client machine in domain or create local OS user to access the /user via test user ?

2. Do I need to create keytab on AD and share with test user ?

3. How does this KMS works ?


Re: How Does KMS works ?

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@Rahul Patil

Hortonworks University has a really great Tutorial on Ranger + KMS setup with step by step details. I am sure you will clear your many doubts. Please have a look. Specially Lab-6

Similarly Lab 2 & 3 talks about the basic setup with AD & LDAPs