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How To Start Ambari Services

How To Start Ambari Services

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I am using HortonWorks Sandbox on the Virtual Box platform and set it up the first time to work with the Talend Big data studio.

I have used this article to assign IP to the sandbox and updated same in the /etc/hosts file.

Then I used the IP 192.168.x.x to log in to Ambari server.

Now, the problem is with the services, I can't see any of the services active.

When I am checking the services from the Talend Studio, it's throwing an error :


Checked the same on the Ambari server and all services coming with heartbeat lost message.

NameNode :




Re: How To Start Ambari Services

Super Mentor

@Praveen K Singh

It looks like your ambari agents have lost the heartbeat.

Can you please try the following:

1. Please check the following file of ambari agent to see if the ambari server host name is mentioned correctly:

# cat /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini

2. Now restart the ambari agent once as looks like server has lost agent heartbeat.

# ambari-agent stop
# rm -f /var/run/ambari-agent/
# ambari-agent start

3. Tail the ambari-agent log to see if it is getting heartbeat response back from server or not? And notice if there are any errors?

4. If any error observed in ambari server.log then please share.

5. Also as you have tried changing the IP Address so better to restart the sandbox instance once.



Re: How To Start Ambari Services


@Praveen K Singh

From the view of your screenshot. You have only allocated 3.74 GB that isn't enough even for the HDP components which need a minimum of 8GB and you will need extra for the OS. In general, to safely boot and work you should have at a minimum 12 GB but 16 GB should be OK.

Upgrade your memory and retry.

Secondly, why is your Ambari UI running with IP and your is at IP that can also contribute you the issues you are encountering.

Please match the IP in the /etc/hosts to that obtained by this command.

# ifconfig
# hostname -f

The entry in the /etc/hosts should be the IP and the FQDN obrained with the above commands

eg   sandbox

Hope that helps

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