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How can I add a new port?

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I have HDP sandbox v- 2.6.5 using Virtualbox and I'm not using Docker.

I'm trying to install Apache Kylin v 2.4.0 and I need to add the port 7070 to the hortonworks sandbox. The instructions says that I have to edit the file in the root folder: ''. But when I look into this folder there isn´t that file.

If anyone knows how add the port or where is that file I will appreciate it.


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@Teresa Tavernelli

HDP Sandbox will internally create a docker instance.
So please try this Login to the Virtualbox VM on port 22

# ssh root@
Enter Password: hadoop

NOTE: If you use the standard "ssh -p 2222 root@localhost", you will actually login to the sandbox container, not the sandbox VM

Now search for a file like following and then add the ports to it as mentioned in the below article :

# ls -l /root/start_scripts/

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@Jay Kumar SenSharma

When I go to root there isn't the start_scripts folder.


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@Jay Kumar SenSharma

I have same issue and not able to solve it. I have raised the question. Please help me.

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