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How can I stop and uninstall only one node with Hadoop Cloudera Distribution?

New Contributor

I have five nodes and a Hadoop with Cloudera Distribution is run on all of them. I would like to stop one node and install Hadoop with another version with Apache Distribution but I would like to have still working Hadoop with Cloudera Distribution on all four remaining nodes. Any ideas how can I uninstall Hadoop Cloudera Distribution only on this one node?


Expert Contributor

If I understand the question, you want to remove a node from your Cluster and install Apache Hadoop directly.

No requirement to preserve data.

You can got to "Hosts-> All Hosts" in Cloudera Manager, select the node and from Actions menu you can do sequentially:

  • Stop Roles on Hosts
  • Remove from Cluster
  • Remove from Cloudera Manager

Before you do the last step, stop and disable cloudera-scm-agent

# systemctl stop cloudera-scm-agent

# systemctl disable cloudera-scm-agent


Then, you can uninstall cloudera-scm-agent from this node, and install the Apache Hadoop.

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