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How can i fix the connection string in order to connect Impala & Cognos Analytics ?


I want to connect Cognos Analytics  11.1 with Cloudera Impala. 

The connection string that I have used  so far is : 


jdbc:impala://host:port/<schema name>. Also the jdbc that i used at cognos is Simba JDBC Driver for Impala.


My question is , I want to to see tables from different schemas. How is this possible, when I put the name of a certain schema into the connection string?





Firstly I would suggest using Cloudera Impala JDBC Driver, if it is not what you are using already:

Secondly, the schema name is just used for initial connection, once you are connected, you can still have access to tables under other databases. In query edit, simply run "use {databasename}" to switch between schemas.

Hope it helps.


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