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How can i load excel meta data information into Apache atlas


Daily I am getting excel data about hive tables, for that tables metadata information is available in Apache atlas , This excel is an additional metadata information about that table , i want to add this additional information to the Apache atlas ?

Can you please help me to solve this issue ?

Thanks in advance


Expert Contributor

Right now there isn't a way.

This could be addressed in couple of ways if you are willing to write some code:

  1. Create a offline utility that would convert Excel (assuming it can be converted to CSV) to AtlasEntity format and generate a ZIP consumable by the Import process. Then perform an import.
  2. Use the Hive hook to convert it to AtlasEntity format and then publish it to the Atlas' Kafka topic (ATLAS_HOOK) that is consumed by Atlas.

With the 2nd approach, once functional, is more seamless than the 1st one.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your quick response Ashutosh Mestry ,

1. In Atlas can we create a New Type & along with new entities for that type ?
If yes , how load data into that new type & entities ?

2. You mentioned ATLAS_HOOK in 2nd approach , We are not using Kafka server in our project

3. In Atlas type = 'hive_table " , how description entity will get populate , what value description field will take ? , This field is related to database or table ? if it is related to table , where i need to give this value while table Creation ?

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