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How can i remove yarn pplications from ambari-server:8088?


I need to remove some yarn applications from resource manager UI. As shown in rm-ui.png, i have 101 applications. So, how can i keep the recent ones and delete some of them.

I really need your help. I'll be grateful if someone could help me to resolve this issue.



Heya, if you want to change job retention configs, you'll want to change a few YARN configs. Search this page for "yarn.resourcemanager.max-completed-applications", and also "yarn.log-aggregation.retain-seconds" and similar configs. Also, here's a good blog post to check out:

@Edgar Orendain

Thank you for your reply. I'll check the links above and I'll give you my feedback.

@Edgar Orendain

I've set "yarn.resourcemanager.max-completed-applications" to 10 and i've restarted my ambari-server. I got the same total of yarn applications through RM UI. Is there any step missed ?

I'll be grateful if you continue helping me fixing this issue.

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