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How can i run different scheduling algorithms like Delay, Matchmaking, fair on hadoop?

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Hello guys, I'm totally new to hadoop a learning curve. I want to run different scheduling algorithms like delay, matchmaking, fair and capacity on Hadoop but doesn't know exactly where to start from. So i have configured HDP 2.6 sandbox single node on Vbox 8-10 GB RAM and tested hive queries, loading csv sample data to hive.


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@kameshwar thakur

For a Single Node HDP cluster, it is best to use HDP Sandbox which is pre-configured and has many Learning Ropes tutorials you can quickly use and follow on the Sandbox.

Processing Data With Hive on Sandbox:

8-12 GB of dedicated RAM to the Sandbox instance it enough to ran various tutorials and startup testcases.

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@Jay Kumar SenSharma

Thankyou for your response. I've already setup sandbox and able to work on csv data. Thing is i want to run scheduler like matchmaking, deadline constraint, fair etc. Only Fair, FIFO and Capacity are standard to HDP but how can i use others.


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