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How can we delete user defined Type in Apache Atlas ?


HI Team,

I created one custom Type in Atlas Ex : External _Table

I want to delete that Type in Atlas , I don't wont to see that Type in Atlas UI and API Search also

Can you please suggest me , How to delete that Type

Tahnks in advance..!!!



I had created a type called 'testDevice' and used the following to delete it. Note that the successful response code is HTTP/1.1 204 No Content

curl -u ${UU_PWD} -ik -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X DELETE "http://${ATLAS_HOST}:21000/api/atlas/v2/types/typedefs" -d \
  "enumDefs": [],
  "structDefs": [],
  "classificationDefs": [],
  "entityDefs": [ {
    "name": "testDevice"


Thank you for quick response @Greg Keys

While deleting i am getting below error message

{"errorCode":"ATLAS-409-00-002","errorMessage":"Given type testDevice has references"}

That type had few records (entities) , even though i need to delete that entity , Can you please help on this ?

Thanks in advance...!!!

New Contributor

I am also having similar issue anyone helped you Satya ?