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How do I configure Ambari Hive View to work with LDAP Authentication to fix this error ?


Hi All,

I have setup LDAP authentication for Ambari and Hive. I can login successfully using a LDAP account into Ambari and Hive using the beeline command tool but when I try to access the Hive View through Ambari I get the following error:

H020 Could not establish connecton to <domain>:10000: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Peer indicated failure: Error validating the login: org.apache.thrift.transport.TTransportException: Peer indicated failure: Error validating the login

Does any one know how to correctly setup the following Hive View properties in Manage Ambari>Views>Hive>Hive View ?

Specifically Hive Authentication. It currently says auth=NONE but im guessing this needs to be something LDAP related.

any thoughts?


Hi @mike harding

I saw this error when you try to use IPaddress while configuring ambari hive view configuration.

Can you make sure you are using hostname and not ipaddress in configuration.

Pls check this too -

Let me know if that works ?


I'm already running Ambari so don't think this is the issue 😞


Thanks - my cluster is non-kerberized but I tried changing auth=NONE to LDAP in the Hive View settings but it didn't help. Do you think I need to specify some credentials in this property perhaps?

Rising Star

@mike harding

You need to update 'auth=NONE' to the following:


This will prompt the user to enter their LDAP password within the Ambari Hive View and allow them to connect to Hive via LDAP auth.

Note, this configuration wasn't supported in older versions of Ambari.

Full details can be found in the following thread: