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How do i get the NumTransactionsBatchedInSync metrics on Journal Node 8480 REST response?


I have one multinode HDP3.1.5 cluster and As per given in the Apache Hadoop 3.1.1 Documentation , it is expected to show all the metrics including NumTransactionsBatchedInSync60sNumOps and NumTransactionsBatchedInSync60s50thPercentileLatencyMicros on Journal nodes REST response given on 8480 port, these metrics are missing in REST responses of Journal Node. I even tried to configure dfs.metrics.percentiles.intervals property in hdfs-site.xml, but instead of exposing all metrics on journal node REST, the metrics are exposed on Namenodes REST response given on port 50070.

Could you please help me how to expose such metrics on Journal Node as well?

Is there any other journal node specific property which I need to configure to expose such metrics?