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How do you debug atlas startup?

New Contributor

upon startup, I am receiving this error.

JanusGraphException: Could not execute operation due to backend exception (AtlasJanusGraphDatabase:110)


Re: How do you debug atlas startup?


@Jeffrey Dwight

Atlas uses HBase as the back-end database can you ensure HBase is running. If you don't have production metadata you could as well reset or wipe-out metadata store of Atlas using Ayub khan's document after wiping and dropping atlas_titan and ATLAS_ENTITY_AUDIT_EVENTS when you restart Atlas these 2 tables will be recreated.

However, make sure Atlas is stopped when performing the above.


Re: How do you debug atlas startup?

@Jeffrey Dwight, Dropping hbase tables will wipe out your existing data (if any). Do check if your Hbase is healthy to make Atlas up.

Re: How do you debug atlas startup?

Expert Contributor
@Jeffrey Dwight

Could you attach the full stack trace of the error? backend exception maybe result of many issues - solr/hbase down