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How do you set up MANDRILL to work with HDP via ambari for notification/alerts


We have a small array of the cluster using Ambari API.When I am trying to create alert notification via MANDRILL.



Linux OS server : centos 6.x  (here all smtp ports are restricted)
Ambari version :2.x   <br>Ambari Gui Access from Windows 2012 R2 remote server only  in that all SMTP ports restricted 

We cannot use SMTP server and port. that is, 25,587 etc. because of security Concern.

We can only Use MANDRILL Cloud email transaction program.

Q1: How to start using MANDRILL for Ambari Notification. Not much resource available on it. or Please advise. How to approach this email notification vis MANDRILL.

Note: MANDRILL is only API which we can use it here (without any restriction ), Otherwise all SMTP ports are restricted for us.

Any help on it would be much appreciated?