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How does Create Impala table with like parquet file work?


I need some clarity on table creation in impala.

CREATE [EXTERNAL] TABLE [IF NOT EXISTS] [db_name.]table_name LIKE { [db_name.]table_name | PARQUET 'hdfs_path_of_parquet_file' } [COMMENT 'table_comment'] [STORED AS file_format] [LOCATION 'hdfs_path']

If the create table is done using like parquet 'sampleparquet.001' ( ie

LIKE { [db_name.]table_name | PARQUET 'hdfs_path_of_parquet_file' }


What type of datatype will be created in impala table.?

Will impala table contain timestamp.varchar,bigint,float datatype as per data in datafile ?

Is it good practice to use Like in Create or should we creat table with predefined column and datatype?