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How long does DSX local usually take to install usually?

I am seeing a prolonged installation time that is in hours for DSX local to install. Is this normal or is the installation time dependent on the resources available to the cluster?



@Robert Hryniewicz, DSX local installation typically take 2.5 to 3 hours. Installation time mainly depends on network speed and available resources.

Make sure your cluster meet the pre-requirements listed below.


@Robert Hryniewicz DSX Installer usually take between 2 to 4 hours to complete, this is expected considering the number of services that are spun by the DSX installer. There are certain steps (specifically step 2 and step 20) during installation that would take really long as they pull different services from docker.

Cloudera Employee

The installation time depends upon how closely you were following the requirements while configuring your cluster for the DSX local install.

While working on installing DSX LocaI (3 Node), I noticed that if you followed the recommended requirements then you can expect the installation process to take a couple a hours.

This also depends on the network performance as well. If there is an issue with that then you can expect timeouts at various steps of the install.