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How much latency can the Ambari database have?

We have a databse migration planned where the latency bertween the database and cluster is estimated to be around 8ms. Is there a threshold for latency with respect to Ambari database?



First what is your database type ?

In Ambari alerts you have a "Ambari Server Performance" alert with default treshold :

  • warning : 3 000 ms
  • critical : 5 000 ms

So 8 ms should not issue an alert.

What do you mean by latency ?

The time to open a connection to the database ?

The time for a simple request to answer ?

On my Postgresql database I have many queries answers under 1 ms and others takes 3 ms to 9 ms, but I have other db that ambari ( hive, oozie, hue, ranger, ...)




Thanks for your response.

The database is Oracle. The estimated latency for any communication(request or response) between the server and the database is 8ms.

Is the Server Performance a factor for the nodes or does it include communication with Ambari database also?

Hi @Eby T ,

The Database performance will just impact the performance of ambari-server . it wont impact any of HDP services . though you might experience some slow down while starting and shutting down services based on database speed becuase ambari server do operations on database for keeping track of everything.

Hi @Eby T ,

Ambari doesn't have any threshold as of now from server side.

but as Eric mentioned in the previous comment there is an Alert called "Ambari Server Performance" for which if it triggers you can actually edit the value of "Get Request Progress" and increase if if required.

to change the database you can take a backup of ambari database and run the command ambari-server setup and give Enter advanced database configuration [y/n] (n)? y

Hope this helps

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