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How to Install HDF 3.0.2 on HDP 2.6.4?


Hi All,

Earlier we were not able to install HDF on top of HDP, as per latest document (https[:]//docs.hortonworks[.]com/HDPDocuments/HDF3/HDF-3.0.2/bk_release-notes) we can install HDF on top of existing HDP cluster.

My HDP version:, Ambari

I need to install NiFi on my cluster through HDF, but the document refers to install the databases on MySQL 5.5.x or PostgreSQL 9.5 later versions on Ambari Server node but I have MySQL (5.1.73) and PostgreSQL(8.4.20) on the same Server which supports my current HDP environment. Now how can I proceed further to install? Can someone please brief the steps here to proceed further? Do we really require installing these DB servers or databases to install NiFi from HDF? Thanks in Advance.


Cloudera Employee

Ram Charan Tej, Nifi does not require any database so you can simply install it. If you have new HDP-, than go with and if you have existing HDP- (i.e. you upgraded from previous HDP version) than

Please remember SAM and Schema Registry does require compatible new databases. What are you using mysql and postgres for? Which one is ambari database? I would highly recommend to keep them ambari's DB and SAM and Schema Registry DB separate.


Hi @sapin amin, sorry for the delay in reply, I have managed to install HDF using Management Pack (tar.gz). Also NiFi is installed successfully.

Ambari is using default which is Postgres 8.4.20 and MySql 5.1.73 is being used by Hive, Oozie and Ranger. (Both PSql and MySql are running on Ambari Server node)

Now do I need to install Schema Registry & SAM on new MySql version on a different nodes ?



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