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How to Install Rstudio on HDP SANDBOX 2.6.1 ,CENTOS 7 ?

New Contributor

I am following the tutorial at

It requires installation of RSTUDIO.

I can download the file


I am getting error while installing .

sudo yum install --nogpgcheck rstudio-server-rhel-1.0.153-x86_64.rpm

Have included the image of error.

Please guide. I am new to HDP sandbox and Hadoop too.

I am using HDP-2.6.1 on virtual box and CENTOS 7


Super Guru

are you following this install step?

It worked for me.

What VM? Vmware? VirtualBox? Docker? What host os? Windows? OSX?

How much RAM do you have.

Super Guru

you need to follow the sandbox installation guide to make sure all the ports are open and you are allowed to access the internet from the sandbox.

make sure you follow full networking info


to get around this error go to /etc/yum.repos.d and mv the file sandbox.repo out of this folder into some other folder and then do the yum install

New Contributor

Awesome!!!! It worked. Thanks @jnarayanan . Great help.

@Timothy Spann thanks for trying to help. Appreciate it. I was using 8 gb ram. Other details posted in question.

Super Guru

You need to make sure networking is working and all ports are open. firewall is off.

i can install this no problem