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How to abort stale opened Hive Transaction?


I am using Cloudera 7.1.3. 
Facing some transaction-related state issues. For details: 


show transactions;


The output of transactions:
Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 19.38.39.png


Here, TXNID: 7560 is still stated as open,( started: Sunday, 7 February 2021 09:39:37.960 ), thought last heartbeat time is also about four months (Sunday, 7 February 2021 09:40:25.838 ) ago, In HiveServer2 configured as


hive.txn.timeout: 5 minutes


according to this parameter, the TXNID: 7560 should be declared aborted after 5 mins if the client has not sent a heartbeat. 

In the meantime, several times restart the hive and hiveServer2 services.


How to change aborted the open status of this txnID and why this situation created?