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How to access HDFS file system of Cloudera VM from another machine?

How to access HDFS file system of Cloudera VM from another machine?

New Contributor

Hello, I'm trying to access HDFS files using cloudera from another machine using IP Add & port number. I'm using cloudera in VM (Virtual Machine). And I'm trying to access it using from another machine by entering ip add & port no. as "". The page is getting visible properly, then from the menu, Utilities > Browse the file System.  Click on Browse the file system, then click on user, then cloudera, list of files will be visible. 

If the file is clicked, small pop-up kinda window opens stating BLOCK number & Download link to download the file. When the Download link is clicked on VM Cloudera, file is getting downloaded successfully, but when I'm trying it other machine or say even on same machine but outside VM, it's showing error (kinda connection error) & not getting downloaded. Can someone please tell me how to access the HDFS file system from another machine using IP add. or some other way to get it done.

(Above IP add. & port is valid & working, it can be used to trace the error easily.)


Re: How to access HDFS file system of Cloudera VM from another machine?

Master Guru
This sounds like a network configuration issue. If you can connect onto your VM's network ports via telnet/nc, you should be able to access it in its entirety.

To access HDFS directly from another host on a network, the client must have full access to every single cluster host and service port (including the NameNode ports, the DataNode ports, etc.) as the download of the data is done by connecting onto a DataNode.

Check your firewall rules to see if the DataNode port is not allowed for remote access. Also check if your DataNodes are serving their ports on the right addresses that are remotely accessible (if you have multiple addresses in the VM).