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How to access Hive LLAP logs from HiveServer2 Interactive UI?

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I have succesfully deployed HiveServer2 Interactive (Hive LLAP) in a kerberized HDP 3.1 cluster, and I'm able to access the HiveServer2 Interactive UI autenticated as admin user after making a kinit to the Kerberos admin's principal as show here:


However when I try to access the "Local logs" tab I get an "Unauthorized user" error as shown bellow:


I'm testing with latest Firefox and Chrome versions, and the YARN RM UI (v1 and v2) and Hadoop consoles are working with SPNEGO authentication for the admin user side by side (on different tabs) with this very same user and browser.

Does anybody know some fix to make this work for the admin or any other kerberos authenticated user? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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The above question was previously posted to the Community Help track. The HCC moderation team moved it to the Security track Wed May 8 21:20 PDT 2019. The Community Help track is appropriate for questions about using the community website itself.

Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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