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How to access Hortonworks sandbox from another computer on same network?

We have installed Hortonworks Sandbox Virtual Box version on server. We need to make it available to different users at same time. Can anyone please help on this?


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@sudhir reddy

Do you want to create OS user to be able to access Hortonworks Sandbox?

If yes then your query looks similar to :

We want to use same sandbox with access to multiple systems within our organization. Situation is like sandbox is installed on the server and I want to connect to sandbox using my local putty in my machine(Other machine than server). Can you please guide how to do that?


Hi @sudhir reddy

I have the same use case and i am currently stuck at the same point. Were you able to fix your issue. If yes, could you please reply back.

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@sudhir reddy

you have to configure the virtual box accordingly, either by bridge networking (means your sandbox gets an IP from your server network) or by defining a route to the ssh port when using NAT. A host only network will not be enough. How you can configure it depends on the VM you are using. Once that is done, you will need to set the IP (and the port you used, 2222 for birdged networking, in NAT whatever you configured for your route) to your putty configuration.

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