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How to add an authorization for the /connection resource for nifi-api rest API inside of InvokeHttp Processor?

New Contributor


I'm trying to call with GET the /connection resource with the InvokeHttp processor


But I'm getting this in the body response

Unable to perform the desired action due to insufficient permissions. Contact the system administrator.

When I checked the documentation for that resource -

In the section for the authorization says:

Authorization Read Source - /{component-type}/{uuid}

Read Destination - /{component-type}/{uuid}

How should I understand this?

Also, when I checked the authorizations.xml file, it has a very understandable structure

<policy identifier="435l345345-345345-34-5345" resource="/tenants" action="W">

<user identifier="234234-sdadsd-asd-3242-234"/>


The problem is how I shoud do to add an entry for the resource="/connections". The tag user is easy to identify, but the identifier attribute of the policy tag is not, how did it get generated?

Will this help with my problem? Or I'm in the wrong path.

I have NIFI cluster with Kerberos Authentication.

My nifi version is: nifi-1.1.2-RC1