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How to add basic HBase security?


Hi All,

I have a little HBase cluster and a REST server which sends data to the HBase cluster.

However, it is now sending data by: /hbase-unsecure.

How could I enable the HBase cluster security by using /hbase-secure.

All data will be handled over by the REST server, how to enable HBase security only accept the data which has been sent from the REST server.

The REST server send SQL command to apache phoenix and apache phoenix insert data into HBase.

I just want a very basic username and password authentication.


Bin Ye


Super Collaborator

In all the documentation on HBase security it is always configured with Kerberos, so if you need authorization I recommend to go for Kerberos.

But as the security is based on SASL, it might be possible to configure it for a simple user + password authentication (which will transfer password in plain text over the network!), so it might be working with a configuration like this (neither tested nor verified): plain (in the docus it is always kerberos) <<login>> <<password>>

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