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How to add new policy for processor group and how to restrict the user to delete the processor?

New Contributor

As now in existing policies for processor or process group, we have policies to restrict read, modify the processor. But in "modify the component" policy, nifi allow to update, create and delete the processor.

I am looking to restrict the user to delete the processor. i.e. suppose we have one process group.and one user have the rights for policy "modify the component", so now he can create new processor , label etc in this process group. and also he can delete the processor etc in this group. But I want to restrict the user to delete any thing from that group but he can be able to add the things.

Is there any need to create a new policy? And then how to add new policy?

Thanks in advance


@Neha Keshatwar

There is no policy that will allow a user to add and update processors but not delete them.