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How to apply UDF "rowwise" using pyspark?


How to apply UDF "rowwise" using pyspark?

New Contributor

I have clustered my data with a k-means model and want to add the results for each row to my dataframe. Anyone an idea how I can apply a user defined function rowwise to a dataframe?

Here's my UDF:

def get_cluster_center(latitude, longitude, cluster_model):

print "Latitude: ", latitude
print "Longitude: ", longitude

point = [latitude, longitude]
cluster_center = cluster_model.predict(point)
print "Cluster center: ", cluster_center
column_value = struct(lit("cluster_center"), lit(cluster_center[0]), lit(cluster_center[1]))
print "Type of column_value: ", column_value
return column_value

I tried to to something like this:

sensordata_df = sensordata_df.withColumn('cluster_center', get_cluster_center(sensordata_df["location.latitude"], sensordata_df["location.longitude"], cluster_model))
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