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How to calculate hdp memory?

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I use hdp and use the script from :

But my server user raid5 ,so how to set the number of the disk?


@darkz yu

Option 1: Search for in HDFS service in Ambari.

The values are separated by ,

Enter the number of directories specified over there.

Option 2:

You can also go to your terminal and issue:

sudo fdisk -l

and see the discs. Option 1 is easier though.


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I use the script to calc how to set the mem setting:

from github

so a param is -d disk number.

My server had raided disks,so I don't how to determine how to set the disk number.

Set to 1 means the number of raid number,set 12 ,means the hard disk number.

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@darkz yu

Is this some sandbox cluster that you are setting up to play with Hadoop for learning purpose? If not, you should not be using RAID 5 for Hadoop disks. That's okay for OS and even okay for namenode if there is no HA/journal nodes. But you don't use RAID 5 for Hadoop data disks.

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I know what you mean,but my sa only support the server with RAID5 disks, so ...