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How to call HTTPS endpoint through invokeHttp processor?

How to call HTTPS endpoint through invokeHttp processor?

New Contributor

Recently we got a requirement as, the existing endpoint which we are accessing through http should support both http and https requests based on the condition. We did made a code changes to the endpoint in a C# dot net code to support it.

Accordingly in NiFi side, to support https we changed the url from http://adcd:port to https://adcd:port and included the SSLcontextservice and did the following :

1. To create the keystore.jks and truststore.jks we need .cer file.

2. So we have converted the pfx file to cer using the export option from mmc.

3. Through keytool commands we have created the keystore.jks and truststore.jks files.

4. And in the ssl contexts contoller service I gave the path and password for keystore.jks file and truststore.jks.

5. Now when i execute my flow its not calling the https endpoint(We are able to access the https endpoint through browser url).its neither gives error nor any info.

can someone help on this please?

@Matt Burgess