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How to call UDF via JDBC


How to call UDF via JDBC

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I know how to use a UDF via Hive CLI.

And I know how to use JDBC to query Hive.

But I'm struggling to use JDBC to use a UDF in a query.

I think the issue comes down to permissions. My call to register the UDF fails.

I put the UDF jar in HDFS at "/user/myuser", and I'm guessing that the Hive server used by HDFS doesn't have proper permissions to access it there.

Is there a best practice for where to store jars for this type of scenario?

I'm guessing I could get this to work if I created a folder at /user/hdfs/udf and turned up all the permissions, and put the jar there.

Is there a better way?


Re: How to call UDF via JDBC

@Zack Riesland

Add the udf jar to HDFS and provide 755 permissions. Make user the "hdfs fs -ls <udf>" works from all datanodes.

You can also add the jar under the property as below under Hive:


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